A bit of a shopping post today… I am a little giddy over this one as I finally own a pair of my dream Chanel ballerina flats.

Any fashion lover knows that the trend for flat shoes has been all about the lace up’s (my favourites), brogues, monk shoes and pointy flats, not so much the ballet flats. But I went for the ballet style as I wanted a simple, chic and classic style and the Chanel ballet flats tick all those boxes.

I am loving them, a lot.. So much so that I’ve worn them practically everyday since Sunday, ahhh.  I even wore them in the office where I am known for wearing high heels. I tell you ballet flats look so good with black tailored pants, pleated skirts, ankle grazers (ah la Audrey Hepburn) and just about everything. Shame I rarely get time to post my work outfits on Instagram, but hopefully I can upload a snap on my Instagram of me wearing the flats before the weekend.

Meanwhile, I’ll be running around London in them. You can follow me (@symphonyofsilk) on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep updated on my posts. Lorna. xo


Ballet flats (prices from high to low) HERE, HERE and HERE

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